By Jordan Mooney.

It’s time for the next album sent to us by STP Records’ dear Uncle Stu. Last week it was DragSTER – this time, we’re going for a band we’ve never listened to before from the vast array of unusual artists on the STP roster. Why not? Well, they’re all the way across the Atlantic, so we’ve never seen a show, for a start…

Midnight Mob are one of the relatively few out-of-country connections for STP – based in the writhing, carbon-dioxide spouting metropolis of New York, the group has a dramatic setting for some very, very dramatic music.

The CD’s cover doesn’t reveal much – and not knowing much about the group myself, I was actually quite surprised to hear such a modern sound from our favourite label. Midnight Mob veer straight into heavy, near-cataclysmic sounding rock music and altogether form one of the most powerful sounds we’ve had blaring from an STP Disc.

These Days is a limited edition collection of everything (more or less) that the group had done at the time of release, and, as a result, acts as a sort of introduction to the group for UK audiences. Without further ado, let’s see how they rub off on Cat on the Wall…



STP Records, 2014
Produced by Maor Appelbaum & Dave Caggiano




Midnight Mob represent a particularly hefty brand of Hard Rock – the vocals, provided by the leather jacket clad femme fatale, Blackey Lor, are strong, seductive and bombastic – throaty and powerful.

The record’s production between Maor Appelbaum Mastering and Dave Caggiano ensures everything is heard clearly, without intrusion. Nothing is distorted or gets in the way of the group’s efforts and nothing is modified into oblivion. It means a fine balance between a very smooth, polished release while maintaining a gnarled sound that you’d expect from any decent touring group.

It’s a record that sounds primed for radio play. A record that can appeal to a vast majority of rock, punk or metal listeners without problem. Not as a safe option, but rather as a testament to multiple influences, interests, habits and creative urges from some very talented people. Rattling riffs, drums being beaten within an inch of their lives and a truly stirring set of vocals make this a very competitive record in a very wide market.

Having never met the group, spoken to them about music, etc, I could be aiming for a complete misfire – but Midnight Mob strike me as a very easy group to fall for. Collectively, they seem like a band shooting for the stars and capable of battling with the best of them, and through some songs that seem more traditional in tone, some violent, hard hitting tracks and one or two that fit roughly in between, they effectively get the opportunity to show their all.

The charisma in Midnight Mob can’t be underestimated.


Stu is well aware that I have no primary knowledge of Midnight Mob – but the beauty of STP Records is not discriminating press from any group. And finding out what the uninitiated think of them. His policy is ‘open press’, and thank goodness for that – it brings many new discoveries!

This band are, at first, a strong departure from what I expect from STP. Musically, I feel I can stand by them being a little ‘different’ – but in terms of attitude? Well, they fit right in. They are not only talented musicians, but they’re that unique sort of anti-establishment figure that captures STP’s collective sensibilities.

There’s something that can appeal to any fan of the heavier side of life in this record – a rare accolade. A go in without fear, come out exhausted sort of record. A sensory overload record that bursts from the woodwork, pins you down and makes you listen to it from start to end. A pleasurable punch in the face. If you’re into that sort of thing.

You can’t complain. Even if you did, they wouldn’t hear you.

How does this introduction to New York’s night time rockers fare for us? Colour us impressed!

Favourite Track: Overdrive. Loud, rambunctious, and perfect to the form of organised chaos that should lead in any great record.


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