NOBODY CARES – The Official Music Video

The music video is, in many ways, a dying art. The days of television coverage for these things are pretty much over, and, today, online, they exist as more of a promotional tool – sometimes the first thing a potential fan will ever see, as they type the band’s name into youtube’s little search bar out of curiosity.

Video is expensive. It takes a lot of money, time, and effort to produce something genuinely stunning. And, on the director’s part, it takes a lot of listening, understanding and initiative. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a video that misinterprets its music and muddles the ideas of a track into a terrible mess of overstretched iconography.

Thankfully, for every concern about an independent, fresh artist…Hardy Hum, of And We Should Die Of That Roar, provides the exception!

You’ll remember our interview with him in the final months of 2014. He’s a difficult fellow to forget, and, fittingly, his music video – for our favourite track, no less, Nobody Cares, is collection of the beautiful, dramatic and grotesque…and turning one’s head the other way to ignore them. These are ideas that, in our eyes, not only fit the track itself, but, ultimately, represent the entire project.

It’s a beautiful piece of work that showcases the potential of the entire ‘thing’. And so help me, it deserves your time of day!

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