PRETTY ADDICTED Unveil new Music Video, ‘Mania’!

We’ve had some great music videos arrive with Cat on the Wall lately in the wake of our surprisingly popular ‘Nine Music Videos‘ feature – and one of them is from legendary London Goth-Dance-Kinksters Pretty Addicted.

This is a group with a reputation that proceeds them, and, for the uninitiated, this is a perfect example as to why. Trippy, sexual visuals, garish colours, fire and a man in a rabbit costume humping some stairs. Rorschach tests formed from Vicious Precious’ make up, creepy dolls and card tricks…

With a fantastic matchup between track and video, Mania is an utterly bewildering sensory overload that demands attention and confused arousal in equal capacities – although we’re not quite sure what’s going on ourselves, we do know it’s rather beautiful in its own rather… unique way.

It’s also very catchy. You’ve no excuse.



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