Purpleman – the post-film premiere Interview

By Jordan Mooney.

Shortly after his historical UK Première of The Chronicles of Purpleman, (read our review here) we managed to sit down with the illustrious man of the purple loincloth himself for a chat about the movie, his recent experiences and what the future may hold. There’s everything from fart talk to life advice to follow – enjoy!


Cat on the Wall: Hello there, Purpleman. Welcome back to Cat on the Wall! Please keep your purple shoes on the purple carpet – we had horrible staining last time… You’ve had a busy old life since we last saw you. You’ve been across the Syrian border delivering thousands of toys, and on Monday you had the UK premiere of your film. How (in the best purply terms) do you feel?! 

Purpleman: We all feel very purple, especially those purple people who did show the film inside Syria.  Personally, I am shagged….it’s a kind of purple carpet I’ve been sleeping on!


COTW: We rather loved The Chronicles of Purpleman, the strangest film we’ve ever seen from post 1974. How did the idea for the film first come about? Did you approach the first concepts knowing exactly what you intended to do? 

PM: There were no ideas but an earlier script was eaten by the Director, Rob Martin….that’s why there are so many farts in the film. The film grew organically, like the most awesome flowers; none of us knew what it would grow into. But one thing is for sure… nothing worthwhile grows in the world without love.


COTW: We notice that the film involves many adoring shots of beautiful spots in Yorkshire. Are these places of personal importance to yourself, or were they simply chosen through a purple periscope? 

PM: My purple girlfriend loves playing with my periscope, but sometimes it gets all steamed up and she has to give it a good rub… She particularly likes the views here in Yorkshire. Everywhere is important to someone, so the places we filmed in were indeed special.


COTW: How did you get so many authentic Yorkshire Folk involved? 

PM: We pointed a camera in their face and then asked if they minded being in a film. None of them thought it was possible to get the film shown in a real cinema, to a packed house, so they all said yes.


COTW: Rob Martin provides a great deadpan feeling throughout, the ‘confused director’ – both on and off the screen. How did you two first begin working together? 

PM: He drew a lovely portrait of Purpleman sat on a bike, and included his email address. I contacted him to say what a pile of purple dog shite it was, and we’ve been buddies ever since. Actually, I praised him profusely – because he possesses phenomenal creative talent; but rarely ever speaks!


COTW: Of course, the film also takes into account your incredible toy mission to the border of war torn Syria. We understand that you had quite a bit of difficulty taking 4,000 soft toys to Syria… 

PM: No big deal, just trying to do the right thing. I never focus on ‘difficulties’ and regard everything as a learning experience. But, for the children (mostly orphans) who receive toys from us Purplemen, I guess it really is an incredible experience –  because the war has ripped away their childhood – most of them do not have toys.


COTW: We also understand you’re planning another campaign – this time with a global Purpleman program. Tell us more! 

PM: More. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable promoting things, so I won’t say anything… except that we do have many plans, and this is just the beginning. Now that I am off the bike, anything could happen!


COTW: The film showcases another of your greatest adventures; your purpley art show in York. Are all Purplemen artistic, or is this a unique trait to yourself? 

PM: We are all artists, as we all contain a seed that can grow into something beautiful; if only we can let go of the illusion of who we believe we are.


COTW: Do you feel that your life has been changed substantially by all this? 

PM: Every day is a life changing experience!


COTW: What do you have planned for the future? 

PM: Polishing my Periscope, and remove everything from the carpet.


COTW: In a world of very recent uncertainty and a serious lack of love, what advice would you give to those lost in the crossfire? 

PM: Focus on the love in your heart. Focus on the love in the hearts of others. You are connected with everyone, and everything, so don’t focus on the crap around you, focus on the nice bits in the core of you. Grow your seed, and be the awesome person you were born as. Show some love to the world.


COTW: Is there a rhyme for the word purple in deepest, darkest purpleland? 

PM: Yes, I told you in that dream you had last night. Remember, we met in Whitby and you said something about ‘steam.’


COTW: Thank you very much for coming back to Cat on the Wall and for your lovely movie premiere. We’ll see you soon! Any final words for your friends, fans, the greater world or even ourselves?! 

PM: Start wearing purple and be awesome. And don’t forget to walk the puppy I gave you. And give her vegetarian purple sausages. That was an exclusive post film interview with the awesome Mr M.

COTW: Bless. Thank you very much indeed, my indigo bike-straddling gent. 



To experience the Purpleman première – with lovely folk music, lovely people and the Lord Mayor of York, watch below. If you successfully spot Jordan, you could win a slice of purple Quiche.

[vimeo id=”172136778″]


We’d like to thank Purpleman for being the purpliest fellow in the world. He truly is a pure gent, and, please, if you wish to donate to future toy missions and the advancement of Purplekind, Paypal it to PURPLEMEN(at)PURPLEMEN(dot)COM.

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