Quiet Marauder release a new music video – ‘Wake Up Bono’

By Jordan Mooney

My friends are all music fans, ladies and gentlemen, and, like most music fans, they all love the strange little world of the music video – and this, knowing this rather bizarre occupation of mine, brings about a fairly common conversation.

What makes a good music video to you?

Well“, I respond in my usual, thoughtful way…

There’s a lot of factors. There’s lighting, there’s direction, there’s the song itself of course, there’s the story, and the band has to be interesting to look at. Music videos are, if anything, more important than ever. Online, they’re often a person’s first look at a group. Of course, the most important thing in any music video is Bono having his toenails ripped off and a pair of natty suspenders.bonofact1

There, no matter of the company, now begins an awkward silence.

Jordan…is that a sort of music video you see very often?

To which I clench a fist and look skywards.


By this point I am once again alone, waiting in desperation.
However, the day has come, and it’s all thanks to Cat on the Wall stalwarts Quiet Marauder, who released their colossally entertaining 111-track debut, MEN, last year. Wake Up Bono, their new single, bonofact2tells the tale of kidnapping everybody’s favourite Irish punchline. The man whom lives on a personal boundary of public love and loathing.

And then pulling his toenails off and feasting on his delicious, potato fuelled innards.

Twisted, hilarious, madcap and as ever a perfect embodiment of manliness, Wake Up Bono is further proof that Quiet Marauder are the sort of people who govern support in this industry. These are gentlemen doing a public service.

God speed, Quiet Marauder.

God speed.


Bono Facts are from the ‘Brilliant Belligerent Big Book of Bono’. Which doesn’t exist.

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Compulsive hat wearer, eccentric, fan of all things audio-visual, part time Goth, historian, and railway enthusiast, Jordan is the closest you can get to everybody's weird uncle. Except he's less than 60 years old.

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