Quiet Marauder Release New Video – Pretty Girls Are (Pretty), Feat. My Name is Ian

Quiet Marauder, the finest anti-folk Mavericks in all of Wales (this sounds dubious, but we checked. It’s true.) are back with another seminal music video – this time, it’s for Pretty Girls Are (Pretty), a track featuring My Name Is Ian – which can be found on Disc One of their incredible 111 track album, MEN.

It details the mission to see pretty girls on public transport.

And how pretty girls are pretty. And asks one of life’s ultimate questions.

Why is it more sad when a pretty girl is sad? But not as sad when one who isn’t pretty is sad?

The answer may not surprise you.

The music video, as we’ve come to expect from this video series by On Par Productions, provides lush, high quality filming, excellent lighting and, ultimately, incredibly good production values.

As ever, it hammers home that Quiet Marauder may be low-fi, but they put everything into what they do – and it provides a heavily entertaining, unusual, and, ultimately, pleasurable product. (Vibrating CDs are expected in 2018. You heard it here first.)

Give it a watch!


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