Quiet Marauder’s new single – SOS – feat. Jemma Roper

Bloody hell, this lot again?!

That’s right, our favourite anti-folk Cardiff-Crazies are back – Quiet Marauder have stormed our office for the god-knowsieth time, smashing windows, leaving bits of Bono everywhere, a chewed up rubiks cube and a little betamax tape all ready and waiting, tied with ribbon – holding their latest music video – this time, it’s track 26 on volume 4 of their 111-track debut – SOS.

Telling the all-too-familiar-tale of a day’s office drudgery, the story soon takes a dark and increasingly bizarre turn in typical Marauder fashion – and once again features the fine values of On-Par productions, who once again turn a relatively low-fi video into a stunning piece of cinematography.

Quiet Marauder, in our opinion, remain one of the finest, most creative (albeit strangest) groups in the UK. This video is simply another notch on the belt!

Don’t forget to visit the intimidatingly talented Quiet Marauder and Jemma Roper below!

Quiet Marauder are hosted by the marvellous Bubblewrap Collective – who you should visit too, below!

And, of course, the fine piece of cinematography you just witnessed is courtesy of the fantastic On-Par productions!

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