Rob Martin releases new book – ‘This Country!’

Our good friend Rob Martin, artist & illustrator – and director of Purpleman the Movie (2016) and Saving Ginger’s Privates (2004) – has released his latest book of comical cartoons This Country!  today via Empire Publications at a special introductory offer of £10. Click the logo below to take a look and make a purchase!







With his typically deadpan and lovingly cynical views on British life and the unsuspecting general public, Rob’s sense of humour and charming grotesques are well worth your time. He has a real sense of surrealism, expression, and even a bit of isolation. It’s all warm and pleasant, but with a brilliant use of blank space he can create a cold, empty atmosphere where required – portraying a bookload of very eccentric (and often very overweight) individuals in a world not quite of their own making, armed with an over-plentiful collection of 5p plastic bags.

We’ve even got some pages to wet your whistle and tickle your funny bone…!

rob5 rob4 rob3 rob2

If you ever see a man sketching unsuspecting members of the public it might well be cartoonist Rob Martin. An acute observer of British life, Rob has travelled the length and breadth of Britain capturing recognisable characters in bizarre, every day circumstances. What emerges is a land peopled by angry pensioners, everyone texting and massively obese people.


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