West of the Sun release Siberian Hysteria – 1st Single from new album

By Jordan Mooney.

North London based psych rockers West of the Sun are new to us; but if this track is a worthy ambassadorial charge for the group, there’s no doubt we’ll be utterly enamoured with their sound in no time.

Siberian Hysteria is a stunning bit of psych rock – that uses about every noise a set of guitar strings can make to form a desert-bound saga of swagger and stoned vocal.

It’s perhaps one of the best psych rock songs I’ve heard since my reign of Cat on the Wall first began. It truly builds you up into its soundscape; there’s very clear visuals and ideals attached to the track which never drop off or lose their edge – throughout, there’s a sense of emptiness, a considerably barren landscape that the group carry you through. Luke and Joe, the band’s frontmen, prove hardy guides for the voyage. They relate to you feelings, your sense of isolation; but have been through it enough to lead you with a calm confidence. You’re isolated with them – by hook or by crook, you’ll get through this sea of sand, but you may never be the same again.

The flavour is constant, smooth and surprisingly tranquil, without ever becoming dull or fatigued. It doesn’t outstay its welcome; it mixes up and changes as it burns through its runtime, just enough to hold your attention and enjoyment – rather like a fine cigar.

Or, considering this is psych rock, any other smoking product you may prefer. We shan’t judge.

Well worth your time; and well worth anybody’s attention. As to whether your ears are worth such a rich Havana-tier luxury is another matter…


Siberian Hysteria is officially releasing of May the 6th with Phoney War Records.

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