Single Slots: Kadija Kamara – Eyes On You

When almost every music video we’ve seen in our inbox for the past month has lacked colour, power or vibrancy, it’s no wonder that a funky video like this one from London’s Kadija Kamara takes our attention.

This is a video that’s immediately enjoyable; from the moment the chugging guitar kicks in, head-nodding ensues – and the effortlessly cool, smooth and charismatic vocal creates a stellar, technicolour atmosphere that simply isn’t interested in staying still.



There’s no time to take a breath, no shortage of energy – but at no point does Eyes On You feel tiring or overwhelming. It’s the equivalent of a lava lamp or neon; mesmerising, mysterious and atmospheric, with a tough gaze and overwhelming desire to brighten the room.

This charming little track has a lot of nostalgia, and we think it’s very obviously driven by those fabled days of colourful clubs – but, crucially, at no point does it feel like a time capsule. More like an alternate dimension. One where the feet never stopped tapping, hands never stopped clapping and the buzzing beat never ceases.

Give it a good, thorough look – it’s very much worth your time; and for once, made a good trawl through our overladen emails very much worthwhile. Superb!





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