Single Slots: Magic Eight Ball – Keep Me Out The Sunlight

With Magic Eight Ball confirmed for Whitby Goth Weekend on Saturday the 22nd of April, it’s perhaps little wonder that their latest record – The Richest Man in the Graveyard – was what edged their place for that number five slot in the UK’s premiere Goth Festival line up. Perhaps even more influential was their single from that very record – Keep Me Out of the Sunlight.

Rock and roll, with a tasty New Orleans jaunt, Sunlight proves Baz Francis and his cronies’ greatest talents – simple videos, catchy tunes and brilliant guitar work, wrapped up in a fantastic aesthetic.


But, most of all, it carries their skills in variety. This is a seriously crunchy, rough and ready sort of track that could have come from the underworld itself. Combine that with a spooky aesthetic, great make up and a skeletal suit, and it was practically born for a live show on the Pavilion stage.

Magic Eight Ball’s back catalogue is a vast one; but it seems every record turns the previous on its head, and this single is by far one of our favourites. Not only does it break my own view of ‘Magic Eight Ball’, but it grinds it, snorts it and spits it back out.

Eight Ball’s best? We certainly think so.

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