Single Slots: Tensheds – Milktrain

We love many things here, on Cat on the Wall. A slice of Gothique fashion, some nice filthy blues and a well produced music video are all very strong  examples, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that Tensheds got our attention with their single, Milktrain.




Not only is he contacting us from our neck of the woods, but his stomping, grimy track feels like it’s building a very specifically British blues flavour. Very authentic and genuine, of course, but surreal in how separatist and self-indulgent it chooses to be, forming thick, chunky silhouettes against the old industrial skyline.

The music video helps carve exactly that sort of image; neo-Victorian fashion, muted colours and claustrophobic settings all give Tensheds a very specific je ne sais quoi. One can practically taste the soot and cinders. It’s a 21st century reimagining of 20th century music lining up with 19th century values. Ace, and difficult to deny for its originality.

This is seriously worth a look. You won’t regret it!


The Dandy Punk Prince


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