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    Baz Francis of Magic Eight Ball announces Solo LP – Interview

    The last time we spoke to the multi-talented, nattily dressed Baz Francis – frontman and chief creator of heavy-power-rock-pop outfit, Magic Eight Ball, he was telling us all about his vast adventures in a turbulent landscape of Rik Mayall, romance and a bit of well-placed cynicism. Since then, well, it’s all been kicking off – […]

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    Carl Moorcroft – On The Road – Album Review

    By Jordan Mooney. Indie Acoustic albums have never quite sat well with me; I’m far more in the punky side of things, and, in my experience (thank you email inbox), they all too often end up sounding irritatingly pretentious, crooning about lost love so consistently that it’s awfully tempting to provide a pigeonhole for ‘fop-haired […]

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    Jack Barnett Double Feature – ‘Keeping Time’ EP

    By Jordan Mooney. An acoustic EP is often a very complex little thing, for all of the simplicity you may find in the arrangements and numbers behind it – an acoustic guitar is a masterful little instrument, something that can carry a range of emotions. If you combine it with a particularly talented musician, somebody […]