• Interviews
    Interview with Amanda Fitch

    Amanda Fitch is an important figure on the Casual RPG Games scene. Her Aveyond series has reached popular heights thanks to the balance of enthralling storylines, ease of play and endless entertainment. Mel and Edward are now returning in a new instalment: Aveyond 3: The Lost Orb for another adventure that may change the face […]

  • Interviews
    Interview with Aaron Walz

    Aaron Walz has been producing music since his childhood. He has collaborated with many games makers and he’s known in the Casual Games community for creating the soundscapes for the Aveyond series. Cat On The Wall wanted to find out more about Aaron, his work and his passion for games. He kindly responded to our […]

  • Interview with Karen Petrasko

    Karen Petrasko is an American illustrator with heaps of talent! Cat On The Wall initially discovered her work with Yummy Drink Factory by Amaranth Games and was astounded by her graphics! Her work is charming, colourful yet muted, giving a sense of ease and comfort to the viewer. Karen is able to create atmosphere and […]