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    Conflict and Corpse Paint – A Carach Angren Double Feature

    So ends this tale of fates aligned. A prophecy of war entwined into bloody knots that won’t unwind. This ominous recording is all that’s left behind. By Michal Bajer. When examining the essence of horror, distilled from the purest poisons and fears of man, one is left with a damning portrait. Our fear of death, […]

  • Interviews
    Interview with Northcape

    Interview by Jo Whitby. As with most of the artists we feature on Cat On The Wall they have usually been recommended to us or we’ve struck up a friendship via social media relating to one of my various creative projects. Northcape is one of those artists who we came in contact with via my […]

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    Label Profile: weareallghosts

    Weareallghosets is a net label based in Scotland that specialises in ambient electronic soundscapes. We caught up with Thomas Mathie, the man behind weareallghosts, to find out more about the label and its roster of artists… Cat On The Wall: When and why did you decide to set up weareallghosts? Thomas Mathie: weareallghosts was born […]