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    Rob Martin releases new book – ‘This Country!’

    Our good friend Rob Martin, artist & illustrator – and director of Purpleman the Movie (2016) and Saving Ginger’s Privates (2004) – has released his latest book of comical cartoons This Country!  today via Empire Publications at a special introductory offer of £10. Click the logo below to take a look and make a purchase! […]

  • The Fallen Word Shoppe Opens – Art, Props, DVD and Posters now for sale!

    Oliver Harrison, gentlemanly animator, typographic wizard and the only director that Cat on the Wall has ever compared to Kubrick, has opened up a shoppe devoted to props, prints, posters and other such beguiling delights relating to his magnum opus, The Fallen Word. The beauty of these offerings is they do not relate so directly […]

  • Reviews
    ‘The Fallen Word’ – A Review

    Oliver Harrison is a man that Cat on the Wall has known for a fair amount of time as an experimental man specialising in kinetic typography. In Jordan’s travels throughout animation history this modern day renaissance man has appeared as a weaver of tales more than once, and, with a musical history including the hardy […]

  • Interviews
    Interview with As The Stars Fall

    As The Stars Fall are not simply a band. With the use of film, photography and art they create musical soundscapes that are as much a visual experience as they are musical. CB Lux had a chat with the band in their native tongue French and found out a little more about the musicians/artists. Interview […]