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    Whitby Goth Weekend – April 2017, Part Two

    Photographs by Zhaos Photography. The Cat on the Wall crew™ is: Jordan Mooney, Matthew Sambrook, Kane Foster, Eddie Eales and Ross Eales. With thanks to Rachel, Lara, Shelley, Paul, Andy & Baz Duarte and the inimitable Mr. Savage. ABBEY WHARF – NIGHT ONE – NIGHT TWO   Whitby. We awaken in the midst of miserable […]

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    Whitby Goth Weekend – Saturday 1st November, 2014

    By Jordan Mooney. Images by Zhaos Photography. It was Saturday. I woke up with a headache and the remains of Nutella pizza clouding my memory. Then a seagull screamed past the window, and I swiftly remembered I was in Whitby. Then a steam engine on the NYMR whistled just to make sure. Like the railway […]

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    Aurelio Voltaire’s Raised By Bats – A Review

    By Jordan Mooney. It is no secret to Cat on the Wall regulars that we love Goth. Since Whitby Goth Weekend last year, Goth has become a big part of our webzine’s roster and readership. Perhaps it’s the humour. Perhaps it’s the sheer elegance, or perhaps we just love black. Perhaps, in fact, we were […]

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    Interview with Aurelio Voltaire

    Artwork by Daarken www.daarken.com Interview by Jordan Mooney. Of all of the musicians on the Goth circuit, there are few with the sheer scale of Aurelio Voltaire. The man is a jack of all trades, constantly working and pushing his own boundaries. The result is that by far he has the largest amount of media […]