• Interviews
    A Babyface Clan Double Feature

    By Jordan Mooney. Today’s band are another group from far afield, all the way out in a country that has only appeared once in our publication in the past. Babyface Clan are a fine little number. Sporty, quick witted, good handling. And hail all the way from Bulgaria. Babyface Clan have got a very devoted […]

  • Interview with Coco Career

    Cat On The Wall is a cultural webzine and as such we try to feature artists we feel are bringing valuable contribution to culture. Fashion is a cultural field we’ve always wanted to exhibit in our pages and we are lucky to have Verena from Coco Career talking to Jo Whitby about her Coco Career […]

  • Interview with Team Awesome!

    If you’re in London then you’ve probably heard of Team Awesome. If you haven’t then you’ve not lived. Seriously. Lets start from the beginning. Two girls joined together by their love of music and having a good time decided to become a DJing duo and managed to secure a regular slot at The Good Ship […]