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    Quiet Marauder’s new single – SOS – feat. Jemma Roper

    Bloody hell, this lot again?! That’s right, our favourite anti-folk Cardiff-Crazies are back – Quiet Marauder have stormed our office for the god-knowsieth time, smashing windows, leaving bits of Bono everywhere, a chewed up rubiks cube and a little betamax tape all ready and waiting, tied with ribbon – holding their latest music video – […]

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    Quiet Marauder release a new music video – ‘Wake Up Bono’

    By Jordan Mooney My friends are all music fans, ladies and gentlemen, and, like most music fans, they all love the strange little world of the music video – and this, knowing this rather bizarre occupation of mine, brings about a fairly common conversation. “What makes a good music video to you?” “Well“, I respond […]

  • Features
    Video Premiere – Little Eris – ‘WRECK N ROLLIN’

    Little Eris, a true multimedia artist in every sense of the word, releases her latest single, Wreck N Rollin on the 1st of May – Until then, we’ve got the great prestige of launching the incredibly creative – and rather funny – miniature B-Movie music video, set against the lush, green lands of Wales! Directed […]

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    Doctor Caligari Reborn!

    By Jordan Mooney. I’ve no doubt you’ll all remember Doctor Caligari’s last foray at Cat on the Wall. Blood on the carpet, a strange jar of green…stuff, left on the chair, it was chaos. We were naturally a little scared of letting them back into the metaphorical COTW towers, but when we were duly informed […]

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    Interview with Zervas & Pepper

    When you hear the music of Zervas & Pepper it’s difficult to comprehend that the city they call home is not located in the golden state of California. Hailing from the Welsh capital Cardiff the pair create harmony-fuelled folk rock that transports you to the sun soaked coastal roads of Big Sur or to a […]

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    Confessions Of A Newbie Promoter

    By Ben Gallivan Preface I was born in 1978. May 28th to be exact. Nothing else of any importance happened on that day it turns out – not that my birth was anything to get excited about other than for my immediate family. The second round of the presidential elections in Upper Volta were won […]

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    Laurence Made Me Cry: Depression & Me

    The ‘Time To Change’ campaign has been running since 2011 and its purpose is to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination by getting people talking. I’ve wanted to talk about my experiences for some time now so thought this would be a good opportunity to get things out in the open. This article is a […]

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    Exclusive: SCRIBER Mixtape

    An exclusive and rather beautiful mix by Cardiff based musician SCRIBER exclusively for Cat On The Wall. We interviewed the songwriter in 2011 so make sure you give it a read here. You will be able to grab a copy of his lovely new EP ‘Every Particle’ on 12″ vinyl from the 11th March 2013. http://scriber.bandcamp.com/ […]

  • Live Reviews
    Rachel Sermanni @ 10 Feet Tall, 10th October 2012, Cardiff

    Review by Jo Whitby Cat On The Wall has been on the back burner for quite a few months now, there’s several interviews that still need transcribing which in all honesty will probably remain on the dictaphone for many more months to come. It’s a shame but I’ve got other projects to prioritise as much […]