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    Single Slots – GORILLAZ return with Saturnz Barz

    Gorillaz are back! 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel are back on our screens with a brand new music video – Saturnz Barz, the funniest, strangest and absolutely the most creative music video of the past…five, ten years? Easily since we got Shaun Ryder’s disembodied head in an animated teenager’s bedroom. Join the gang as they […]

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    Whatever Happened To PHOO ACTION? A Retrospective And Study

    Disclaimer: This piece is written to be largely humorous. No offence is intended to the sort of people who get angry at web writers. We are huge fans of Jamie Hewlett, Damon Albarn, Gorillaz, Tank Girl etc. etc. etc. and do not need reminding how brilliant they all are. Thank you. By Jordan Mooney. Jamie […]

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    Mr. Albarn and Dr. Dee

    By Jordan Mooney I have, for many years, felt reasonably relatable to Damon Albarn. I can say this with a fair amount of confidence and no real hesitation on the matter. The man is intelligent, resourceful, and has very quickly changed from his wild Britpop days with Blur – becoming an increasingly profound thinker, speaker […]