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    A visit to the land of ZED – A Peter Pahor Double Feature

    By Jordan Mooney. Cinematic soundtracks are astounding pieces of work. Loud, cacophonic, but poetic and gentle, they are an essential part of any motion picture. They are essential for scale, size, and atmosphere – some films can be terrible, but have wonderful soundtracks that outperform their source material tenfold. Film has always been my biggest […]

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    An Interview With Juliette Commagere

    Juliette Commagere is a fairly new but increasingly familiar name on the British music scene as of late. Despite being based in the United States, from the off, she’s gained a fine following and a pleasant reaction from media and listeners alike. Coming from the decidedly more rock and roll roots of Hello Stranger, Juliette, […]

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    Interview with Anna Bo

    by Jordan Mooney. The idea of being a wunderkind – of being a child prodigy, in the traditional sense, is rather an extraordinary concept to most of us. In the modern music industry, most of this sense of traditionalism or acclaim for gifted musicians at a young age is almost completely neglected (Unless, of course, […]

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    Label Profile: weareallghosts

    Weareallghosets is a net label based in Scotland that specialises in ambient electronic soundscapes. We caught up with Thomas Mathie, the man behind weareallghosts, to find out more about the label and its roster of artists… Cat On The Wall: When and why did you decide to set up weareallghosts? Thomas Mathie: weareallghosts was born […]