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    Whitby Goth Weekend – November 2016, Part One

    By Jordan Mooney. (Alias Lord Froggy of Twixington.) Photographs by Zhaos Photography. Proofreading by Lydia Byron. The Cat on the Wall crew™ is: Jordan Mooney, Matthew Sambrook, Kane Foster, Eddie Eales and Ross Eales. With sincerest thanks to Magenta Moon, Louise Street, Midjet Jem and Jo Hampshire. NIGHT ONE – NIGHT TWO – ABBEY WHARF […]

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    Whitby Goth Weekend announce WHITBY GOTH DAY, 04/09/2015

    —– As a continuing celebration of their 21st Anniversary, Whitby Goth Weekend will be holding the first ever national Whitby Goth Day, offering a whopping 21% discount on all tickets purchased on the 4th of September 2015 for the event and numerous special offers from its esteemed Bizarre Bazaar traders..! Whitby Goth Day is to […]

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    Whitby Goth Weekend – Friday 31st October, 2014

    It’s taken a long time but we’re finally ready to talk about WGW Halloween 2014 – and it wasn’t an easy one. This night is a mixed bag, folks. It might even prove a touch..controversial. Remember these opinions are those of one man. Should you disagree? So be it..! We shan’t claim to be right […]