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    Tensheds – The Dandy Punk Prince – Album Review

    The piano. Vessel of the sonic seas; one of the greatest of the instruments – pristine, smooth, elegant. Capable of providing any mood, atmosphere and tone. I really do love the piano – particularly in gritty, filthy applications choked up with vapour and smog. Working grit into its presentation is often overlooked, but it’s really […]

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    The Last Cry – Goodbye – Album Review

    By Jordan Mooney. Proof-read by Lydia Byron. The Last Cry are one of many bands we first witnessed at Whitby Goth Weekend – and we’ve always lauded them for the sheer emotion, and for that immersive, heart rending capability of their output on stage. To see frontman Andrew Birch opening himself up on stage – […]

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    Fable Cry Release New Music Video – Dead Or Alive (For Now)

    By Jordan Mooney. Our favourite group of tuneful American gypsy apparitions have brought us another delightful offering with the music video for Dead Or Alive (for now), the latest single from their rather fabulous album, We’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are. Taking on another beautiful home grown approach, this latest addition to their audiovisual […]

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    ‘The Fallen Word’ – A Review

    Oliver Harrison is a man that Cat on the Wall has known for a fair amount of time as an experimental man specialising in kinetic typography. In Jordan’s travels throughout animation history this modern day renaissance man has appeared as a weaver of tales more than once, and, with a musical history including the hardy […]

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    A Meal With The Sleeping Village Orchestra

    By Jordan Mooney. Music is an infectious, atmospheric device that anybody can create..but it takes a particularly special group of people to create imagery and atmosphere than can be interpreted differently by every listener. A lot of groups tend to go for very strong, sometimes obvious themes to ensure that they – and the people […]

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    Aurelio Voltaire’s Raised By Bats – A Review

    By Jordan Mooney. It is no secret to Cat on the Wall regulars that we love Goth. Since Whitby Goth Weekend last year, Goth has become a big part of our webzine’s roster and readership. Perhaps it’s the humour. Perhaps it’s the sheer elegance, or perhaps we just love black. Perhaps, in fact, we were […]

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    Interview with Aurelio Voltaire

    Artwork by Daarken www.daarken.com Interview by Jordan Mooney. Of all of the musicians on the Goth circuit, there are few with the sheer scale of Aurelio Voltaire. The man is a jack of all trades, constantly working and pushing his own boundaries. The result is that by far he has the largest amount of media […]

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    Interview Vera Mesmer

    Vera Mesmer is a modern gypsy with a penchant for catchy verses and dramatic piano. Cat On The Wall’s Jo Whitby caught up with Vera via email for a quick chat about his current work and his plans for the future… Cat On The Wall: There will be many of our readers who have yet […]