• Live Reviews
    Whitby Goth Weekend – April 2017, Part Two

    Photographs by Zhaos Photography. The Cat on the Wall crew™ is: Jordan Mooney, Matthew Sambrook, Kane Foster, Eddie Eales and Ross Eales. With thanks to Rachel, Lara, Shelley, Paul, Andy & Baz Duarte and the inimitable Mr. Savage. ABBEY WHARF – NIGHT ONE – NIGHT TWO   Whitby. We awaken in the midst of miserable […]

  • Interviews
    Baz Francis of Magic Eight Ball announces Solo LP – Interview

    The last time we spoke to the multi-talented, nattily dressed Baz Francis – frontman and chief creator of heavy-power-rock-pop outfit, Magic Eight Ball, he was telling us all about his vast adventures in a turbulent landscape of Rik Mayall, romance and a bit of well-placed cynicism. Since then, well, it’s all been kicking off – […]

  • Misc
    Single Slots: Magic Eight Ball – Keep Me Out The Sunlight

    With Magic Eight Ball confirmed for Whitby Goth Weekend on Saturday the 22nd of April, it’s perhaps little wonder that their latest record – The Richest Man in the Graveyard – was what edged their place for that number five slot in the UK’s premiere Goth Festival line up. Perhaps even more influential was their […]