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    Dick Venom & The Terrortones – Snake Oil For Snakes review

    By Jordan Mooney. Proofreading by Lydia Byron. Dick Venom is easily one of the most creative voices of corruption in the United Kingdom today. His Terrortones are enamoured and feared; not only at Cat on the Wall towers, but across the country. Few groups can hump a stage to such a fine art. Few groups […]

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    Doctor Caligari Reborn!

    By Jordan Mooney. I’ve no doubt you’ll all remember Doctor Caligari’s last foray at Cat on the Wall. Blood on the carpet, a strange jar of green…stuff, left on the chair, it was chaos. We were naturally a little scared of letting them back into the metaphorical COTW towers, but when we were duly informed […]

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    Review & Interview with Doctor Caligari

    Review and interview by Jordan Mooney. Doctor Caligari are a perfect example of the surprisingly popular genre of Psychobilly Rock. They’re freshly dug up onto the scene (barely any rotting at all!), having come into this world in October 2012. Since then they’ve gained a small but devout following thanks to their rather nasty, dirty […]