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    Twenty Five Years of Punk – Four Past Midnight

    By Jordan Mooney. One of the many fine albums sent to us recently by Stu Taylor at STP Records is a…horrors! A compilation?! Well, let’s have a look… The uninitiated’s opinion of ‘Punk’ is, these days, rather heavily outdated. The idea of blokes in T-shirts making a lot of anarchic noise and shouting into microphones […]

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    Motorcycles and Motorhead – A Grizzlies Double Feature

    By Jordan Mooney Before we head into the second day of our Whitby Goth Weekend review, we’ve got another eclectic little group of rockers due any moment now. Any moment…   Ah, here they are. Today’s group is The Grizzlies, formed in 2012 and Built up of Rob Tee (Robert Topulos) on Vocals and Guitar, […]