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    Raizing Hell – Monsters Prefer Blondes Review

    By Jordan Mooney. Proofread by Lydia Byron. Raizing Hell are back! And whilst they’re no soberer than their last visit to the elusive Cat on the Wall towers, they’ve certainly pulled a few changes. What do we think of their latest piece of B-music anarchy? Read on… It’s very clear that Monsters Prefer Blondes has […]

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    Raizing Hell release dire warning with ‘Thing For Murder’!

    Our favourite Romanian Nasties Raizing Hell have released a troubling documentary based upon the hazards of their music, marketing under pretence of a music video. Low-fi? Certainly – and the dubbing’s more than a bit obvious here and there – but the style the video carries is testament to the promise Liv made to us […]

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    Zombies, Limbs and Wendy O’: A Raizing Hell Double Feature

    It was a quiet day at the metaphorical (or fictional, take your pick) Cat on the Wall towers, ladies and gentlemen – I sat there in my similarly metaphorical red velvet chair, stroking my not quite so metaphorical white cat. Then, there were sounds of groaning, thumping, black clouds gathering around what was previously a […]