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    Moustaches and Riffs – Meet Huxtable!

    By Jordan Mooney. There seems to be a trend lately in that apocalyptic wasteland of charting rock music… Generic, pissy two-piece rock bands with meagre, uninspired sounds garbling on about some toss or another. There’s been so many of them that this article would be clocking up at 4,000+ words in no time. However, thankfully, […]

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    Label Profile: weareallghosts

    Weareallghosets is a net label based in Scotland that specialises in ambient electronic soundscapes. We caught up with Thomas Mathie, the man behind weareallghosts, to find out more about the label and its roster of artists… Cat On The Wall: When and why did you decide to set up weareallghosts? Thomas Mathie: weareallghosts was born […]

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    Interview with Fat Goth

    What better way to end our hiatus than to bring 2013 in with an amp exploding bang! Dundee based quirky rock masters Fat Goth are certainly making some noise with their new album ‘Stud’ set for release at the end of this month (28th Jan). We thought it a wise idea to catch up with the band before they […]

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    Interview with Rachel Sermanni

    Rachel Sermanni is a breath of fresh air. Although only 20 years old, Rachel is displaying great maturity and formidable control over her music making and what she is striving to achieve with her artwork – something that can be increasingly difficult these days, what with the seeming monopoly exercised by franchises such as “X-Craptor” […]

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    Interview with Olive Grove Records

    Olive Grove Records is an independent label based in Glasgow, Scotland and is home to some of the finest music we’ve heard in a long time. It’s a rare and rather joyous feeling when all the artists on a label roster are musically outstanding and it would be callous of us not to share our […]

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    Interview with Fatherson

    Hailing from Kilmarnock in Scotland, Fatherson are 3 lads with a passion for well-crafted and vibrant rock songs – watch your back Biffy Clyro. Cat On The Wall’s Jo Whitby caught up with bassist Marc Strain for a chat via e mail about their new EP and playing at T in the Park… Cat On […]