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    Anomie Belle: Machine EP

    I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that until recently I was unacquainted with the music of Anomie Belle. I have a sinking feeling that in the deep dark belly of my email account lay a discarded press release informing me of last year’s ‘The Crush’ LP unread and unloved. Shame on me because Anomie Belle is […]

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    Cat On The Wall: How did the IAMX project come to exist? Chris Corner: Two years ago I had an epiphany. I grew up. There was so much baggage and confusion with my previous band, Sneaker Pimps, I was driven into doing it. I needed the freedom and was desperate to learn to be self-sufficient. […]

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    Interview with Sneaker Pimps

      Long before the internet and Myspace, Facebook and Twitter, people used to meet in person and hold civilised conversations. What follows is such an encounter. In November 1997 I met Chris Corner, at the time in Sneaker Pimps, for what turned out to be our first interview – I was to interview him again […]