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    Tensheds – The Dandy Punk Prince – Album Review

    The piano. Vessel of the sonic seas; one of the greatest of the instruments – pristine, smooth, elegant. Capable of providing any mood, atmosphere and tone. I really do love the piano – particularly in gritty, filthy applications choked up with vapour and smog. Working grit into its presentation is often overlooked, but it’s really […]

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    Fancy Dancing Vaudevillains – meet Fable Cry!

    By Jordan Mooney. Strap yourself in, ladies and gents. Goths, take the weight off of your four foot heels. Steampunkers, sail your airships in this North-Westerly direction. Vaudevillians, set yourself in the crouching positions. This one’s a cracker.. You’re walking through a town. It’s a strange place; it could be anywhere, any time period. It’s […]

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    Interview with Aurelio Voltaire

    Artwork by Daarken www.daarken.com Interview by Jordan Mooney. Of all of the musicians on the Goth circuit, there are few with the sheer scale of Aurelio Voltaire. The man is a jack of all trades, constantly working and pushing his own boundaries. The result is that by far he has the largest amount of media […]