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    By Jordan Mooney. It’s time for the next album sent to us by STP Records’ dear Uncle Stu. Last week it was DragSTER – this time, we’re going for a band we’ve never listened to before from the vast array of unusual artists on the STP roster. Why not? Well, they’re all the way across […]

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    By Jordan Mooney. They said that the peace would be eternal. That finally, the beast had fallen silent – the Hi-Fi’s speakers were silent and collecting dust. The iTunes playlist would not exceed the next multi-thousand milestone. The CD Collection would not grow further. But no. Fear not; we were just on hiatus while Jordan […]

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    Twenty Five Years of Punk – Four Past Midnight

    By Jordan Mooney. One of the many fine albums sent to us recently by Stu Taylor at STP Records is a…horrors! A compilation?! Well, let’s have a look… The uninitiated’s opinion of ‘Punk’ is, these days, rather heavily outdated. The idea of blokes in T-shirts making a lot of anarchic noise and shouting into microphones […]

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    Trioxin Cherry – “Let’s Take Off And Nuke The Site From Space” album launch, Nottingham’s Old Angel Inn, 18/04/2014

    How’s that for a long title?! By Jordan Mooney. Photographs by Matthew Sambrook. Mythically, all bands have, in the past, had a ‘big gig’. A performance that suddenly spells great things, a big event, a big audience, or a sudden potential unlocked. In the past, the most legendary was the ‘signing gig’, one of the […]