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    Purpleman – the post-film premiere Interview

    By Jordan Mooney. Shortly after his historical UK Première of The Chronicles of Purpleman, (read our review here) we managed to sit down with the illustrious man of the purple loincloth himself for a chat about the movie, his recent experiences and what the future may hold. There’s everything from fart talk to life advice […]

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    The Chronicles of Purpleman – Review

    By Jordan Mooney. With thanks to Tess Humphrey, Purpleman, Rob Martin and Helen Fay.   Purpleman’s name has been rung around a lot in the Yorkshire press as of late; little surprise, for he’s been extraordinarily busy. Art shows, new performance pieces, the enlisting of further Purple gentlemen across the world, and, as a piece […]

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    Purpleman launches crowdfunding campaign for 3rd Syrian Toy Mission

    For our interview with Purpleman – and, coincidentally, Jordan’s first ever feature when he took over the ‘zine in 2013, click HERE! Our dear, violet-hued friend from the streets of York – the inimitable Purpleman – launched his indiegogo campaign today for the ‘Syrian Toy Mission’ – a campaign to provide thousands of children disaffected […]

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    Interview with Purpleman

    By Jordan Mooney. York has always been one of my favourite cities in the world. It is a place where oddity is an accepted part of life, and while the more cynical of us could claim it is purely for tourist value…there is something beautifully odd about the place. Odd buildings, odd museums, odd attractions, […]