Just before the Editors locked themselves away in the studio, Jo Whitby caught up with Tom Smith via e mail to find out what they might be up to behind closed doors…

Funky Mofo: Who are you and how did you meet?

Tom Smith: We are a band called Editors, we met as friends around 4 years ago at university but have been making music as Editors for the last year and a half.

FM: You’ll be hitting the recording studio next week, are you looking forward to it? Who will you be working with? Give us all the details!

TS:At the end of next week we’ll be going in to record our debut album with Jim Abbiss, he produced people like Unkle and The Music. It’s something we’re all very excited about, we want to make a great debut album and we feel we’ve got the songs to do that now.

FM: Do you have any expectations about the music business, what has your experience as a band been so far?

TS: We try to focus as much as we can on the music side of things but of course we have had dealings with “the business” side of things. We’re very lucky, we have a label working with us that share our view of where we want to be heading, I think that if we were on a major there would be a danger that this would be severely compromised at times.

FM: What are you listening to at the moment?

We can’t stop asking for Tom Vek when we’re out a clubs at the moment. Russ, our bassist, just bought the LCD Soundsystem record, that’s pretty cool as well.

FM: If you could work with any artist/s (past or present) who would they be and why?

TS:I’d need a time machine to go back to 1983 and hook up with REM. ‘Murmur’ is my favourite ever record and as a band REM, especially over their first 10 or so years, never lost any of their mystique or credibility as far as I’m concerned. They also became one of the biggest bands on the planet in the process, I have nothing but respect for the way they achieved that.

FM: What makes you laugh? What makes you cry?

TS: A new film called Sideways made me laugh a lot. There seems to be lots of things in the world to be sad about at the moment, but recently John Peel passing away was very upsetting.

FM: What are your plans for the near future?

TS: We are recording the album for the next month or so and then the next single, ‘Munich’ is out in April. I guess we’ll probably be touring for the rest of our lives after that!

Jo Whitby

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