Oliver Harrison, gentlemanly animator, typographic wizard and the only director that Cat on the Wall has ever compared to Kubrick, has opened up a shoppe devoted to props, prints, posters and other such beguiling delights relating to his magnum opus, The Fallen Word.

The beauty of these offerings is they do not relate so directly to Mr. Harrison’s film. Many of them are simply beautiful items of expression, representing ideas in their purest forms that, to many a sophisticate, will make a fine conversation piece.

You can simply say you’re taking care of them. Until the world is ready for them again.

If any particularly wealthy friends would like to purchase the word ‘Joy’ in a bell jar for me, I’d be most appreciative.
Beyond this, you can purchase a copy of the film on DVD. If you need persuasion, feel free to check out our review of the picture here.


Beauty is sin. But then, we’ve always taken a delight in life’s hedonistic pleasures here…
The Fallen Word Shoppefront

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