Single Premiere – Three Kings High – Bone Dry

By Jordan Mooney.
With thanks to Julia and Ben from Inspired Artists.

When we heard this little cracker of a track was preparing for premiere, we naturally couldn’t resist throwing our Hat (Cat in a Hat on the Wall? It’s an idea) into the ring. This is an utterly unique, attractive and blissfully greasy little number that’s utterly resistible to anybody who loves something a little filthy, grimy – and most of all – chock full of attitude.

It’s not quite punk, it’s not quite rock, it’s not quite indie – it’s a gruesome, devilish concoction of the lot with more than a slight nod to that dirty little period of Hip Hop that simply didn’t care about being radio friendly. It reminds me very heavily of its home city of Bristol, in fact.

With a cylinder-beat base, a crunchy guitar tone and a certain Council Estate flavour, this unusually mucky number boasts distinctive, abrupt and sleazy vocals from one Mister Joe Eden and Elo Colliou, who strut around the track like greasers in their prime; leather jackets, painfully tight jeans and big Doc Martens clear on show. In fact, looking at the slightly disorientating but bewitching video, we’re really not far off the mark…

It’s the sort of song that’ll flirt with your head for days, leaving cigarette butts and cheap beer all over the place while ensuring old ladies will cross the street in case it makes a grab for their purse. But that’s what makes it so fascinating and attractive; it lives in its own way and doesn’t particularly care how other people look at it. That naturally dismissive attitude is what truly makes Bone Dry a track for our regular plays – it’s a miscreant, an anarchic little bugger who’s willing to fight for its right to carry on doing exactly what it wants to. Hell, it only took one listen for me to start joining in. By the second, I was singing along at full volume. By the third, I was dancing. Nobody wants that image, but it’s exactly what this little ditty can do to you. It’s as addictive as a hard drug and as relaxing as getting completely hammered in a beer garden at 2PM in the afternoon.

What’s interesting is the band feel like old friends after a single song – their raw talent seems to be showing everything that makes them so brilliant in one little single, in one elegant uppercut to the jaw. This is our first experience with Three Kings High, and we sincerely hope it isn’t the last.

Oh yes; if you’re a band looking for an example of exactly what a single should be? Bone Dry should be at the top of your research list. And at the bottom. Probably in the middle, too.

Officially set for release on the 25th of May through Donut Records – coinciding with a miniature tour across the country.

The Bone Dry Tour

22nd May – London – Surya

23rd May – Bristol – Thunderbolt

24th May – Birmingham – Asylum

For tickets:

And now one of our favourites from the Bone Dry tour anecdote stories – something, incidentally, more bands should send me. Please. PLEASE.

Our bassist tattooed our drummer’s foot in a feat of rock and roll heroism. Turns out he’s not great with needles so the drummer ended up throwing up into a bowl of grapes.

Bloody brilliant.

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