Johnny Rose, of The Thirteen Shots and Undead Artists fame, has touched down on this feral plane to inform us of a very exciting development.

On Saturday, the 4th of April, a Travelling Morgue is set to rumble into the Adam and Eve, Birmingham.

Aptly called ‘The Travelling Morgue Festival’, this rather beguiling line up of Horror Punk musicians is sure to set the city aflame, with Cat on the Wall familiars The Army of Walking Corpses and Trioxin Cherry slotted among the nine-band-strong rogue’s gallery. At least three bands are guaranteed to be half rotted, missing a limb, or, at the very least…



Sadly, Cat on the Wall is unable to attend. But we’re sure you’ve got no excuses!

Advance tickets – at only £1.11 per band (with an extra penny for the roof over your head!) are available now and are well worth getting your teeth into.

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