Video Premiere – Little Eris – ‘WRECK N ROLLIN’

Little Eris, a true multimedia artist in every sense of the word, releases her latest single, Wreck N Rollin on the 1st of May – Until then, we’ve got the great prestige of launching the incredibly creative – and rather funny – miniature B-Movie music video, set against the lush, green lands of Wales!

Directed by Alistair Parkhurst, head of Cardiff Independent Film Festival, and starring actors Holly Rivers and Anthony Burns, we hope you’ll agree that this is one of the best music videos we’ve seen thus far this year.. with a very genuine, stomping punk track running alongside.

Little Eris is certainly one of the most unique and fabulously entertaining ladies in the Welsh music scene today and we’re thrilled to be launching this video for her!

Wreck N Rolling is being released by Original Human Records on the 1st of May – Pre-orders will open up on iTunes April the 3rd!

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