Whitby Goth Weekend Photo Competition – WIN TWO HALLOWE’EN 2015 TICKETS!

To celebrate the 21st Birthday of Whitby Goth Weekend this year, Cat on the Wall has the pleasure to announce a competition for Weekend Tickets to the Hallowe’en 2015 event, thanks to our generous partnership with the UK’s premier Goth festival.

All you need is your Goth clothes, a camera, a nice marker pen and a sheet of paper. And potentially a lot of hair dye if you so desire.

The question is simple….

What THREE THINGS do you love most about Whitby Goth Weekend?

Just write your three choices on a piece of paper, pop in your fangs and put on your finest silks and take a photograph of yourself holding up your newly established sign of appreciation!

Email this photograph to JORDAN(AT)CATONTHEWALL.NET under the subject ‘WGW COMPETITION’ by Midnight on the 22nd of April!

At the last Whitby Goth, the event ran a very similar project with their terrifyingly talented Photographer and Videographer Tori Turner, taking photographs of cast and crew.

To help you visualise what we’re looking for, here’s the legendary compére, glittery Craig…




Thanks to the revelation of the 21st Century at the Spa last year, WiFi was available, and thus an album of beautiful people in beautiful places with beautiful signs is available below…

Whitby Goth Wordboards – the Album

That should inspire you to get started!

Remember to include your name and home town on your piece of paper, so we can bring fame to your doubtless beautiful faces. The quality of the photo is not important as long as we can read your entry.

After this, our team of Goth Scientists will study every aspect of these photographs, pixel by pixel, to choose our favourites – and, of course, our winner of the grand prize. The winner will be announced on Friday the 1st of May.

Three favourites will be picked and our final tie breaker will be THE BEST HAIR. Biggest, brightest, smoothest or even drawings on a bald head will be considered as ‘better hair’. Six cans of extra-stiff hairspray is our recommended dosage. Our scientists’ word is final!

Competition Opens.

APRIL 22ND 2015
Competition closes to entries.

MAY 1ST, 2015
A winner is chosen, announced on the Webzine and will be emailed.

Winner gets a free Gothic weekend!

You don’t have much time, ladies and gents – just under two weeks. But we believe that in those two weeks you will not only amaze…but shock, surprise and sicken us with your unique forms of gothic, elegant perversion.

Or maybe you’ll all just say ‘alcohol’. C’est la vie!

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